Major Articles and Publications


Renée Phillips, " Gisèle Bryers creates compeling Three-D Paintings"
Manhattan Arts International, New York-NY/USA

Michelle H. LePoidevin, " Diversity is key at Eugenie Gallery"
The Westfield Leader and The Times of Scotch Plains-Fan wood, Scotch Plains-NJ/USA

"The Artful Traveler/Gisèle Bryers, The Blue Lagon "
Manhattan Arts International,
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Journal du
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"An International Invitational Show at Pleiades Gallery"
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" Subscribers Success"
Manhattan Arts International -Success now! , New York-NY/USA

Catalogue, "Mostra D'Arte Contemporaneo", International Exhibition
Conservatorio di Santa Maria Degli Angeli, Florence/ltaly

Catalogue, "Neuchâtel'Arts Annual Francophone Art Fair"

Catalogue, "Europ'Art" International Art Fair for ancient and Contemporary Art


"Gisèle Bryers' Three-dimensional paintings are characterized by the ironie humor they emanate as weIl as by their texture. They exude a caustic reflection on the daily violence of our world brought to us by the media. A critical mirror reflection that brings shivers, but which, fortunately,makes you smile as well." B./ Switzerland Nord-Vaudois Newspaper

Gisèle Bryers explores life through : the eyes of a fish underwater. ln her clever oil on canvas entitled, "Under The Water 1" Which is part of a collection. Pinewood paste on metal armatur, these pieces help to define the unique nature of the Eugenie Gallery.

Michèle.H.Le Poitevin The Westfield Leader and The Times of Scotch Plain Fanwood N.J

"...Her eyes, never indifferent, penetrate beings and situations in depth, leading to paintings that speak of the very real emotions we experience in life."

P- y Gabus / Switzerland Fine Art & Antique Dealer

" Your work looks fine, growing and flourishing"

Jules Maidoff/ Florence, Italy Director, Studio Art Center lnt.

"Gisèle Bryers reaches far beyond the realm of existence to produce haunting, provocative images. The diverse, compelling cross-cultural forces corne alive through her extraordinary integrated juxtaposition of painting and sculpture. She skillfully synthesizes three-dimensional projections that are an integral part of the painting..."

Renée Phillips / New York Manhattan Arts International

"( ln reference to " The Buoy" painting) ...With perky yellow fish nibbling the toes of floppy human feet, its zany spirit akin to that of Red Grooms."

Lawrence Downes / New York Gallery & Studio